Help me Pick the New Title for my Book

There’s a lot of research out there that shows that mob rules tend to possess the right answer to most problems. Think of the TV show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” when they ask the audience to get the right answer. Most of the time it works best. So I figured I’d bow to the masses and get some feedback on what you guys and gals thought the title of the book I’m currently writing should be. Hell, if you think all my titles suck ass and want to put something else in, feel free!! The more ideas the better. All you have to do is click on the title you like and hit the VOTE button at the bottom of this little widget here, and voila!! Better than democracy, because I’ll actually listen to what you’re telling me 😉
Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Check it out, it’ll only take a minute, and it will help me direct how to write the book and what everyone out there might be interested in.

About deansomerset

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Post-Rehab Specialist, personal trainer and probably the coolest guy my mom knows, I try to impart a little knowledge with a sense of humor to keep people reading. I've always thought if it's something that can grab your attention, you're gonna remember it tomorrow!!
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