And the Award for Random Posts Goes to……

1. The Oscars were on last night. As a result, Simpsons and Family Guy were repeats. Stupid Oscars.

2. I hate technology. Last week, I managed to completely pooch my USB memory stick. For some reason it worked in the morning, but then it decided to stop working for the afternoon. Like a dimwit, I decided to not have a backup, so I lost all my clients’ programs, over 1600 pictures of exercises, and a bunch of other really important things. This makes me very cranky, and most of my clients are in for a treat this week as a result:

Thankfully none of my presentations or seminars were on it, and all of my video clips have been saved online, so I’m good there. It’s not world-ending, but it still sucks majorly.

3. I’ve been tinkering with a new workout program that is essentially an effort of minimalism. To give you an idea, since the start of the program, I’ve lost 8 pounds in only six hours of actual exercise, complete with a two-week period of no exercise. On top of that, there was no actual change in diet, workload, or other physical activity during this period. On top of that, my numbers for strength exercises have stayed the same. The goal is to be down by 10 pounds by the end of this week, and then a follow-up body composition test. I’m planning to write a full post on it later this week, so hopefully the numbers all work out for the best on my follow-up body composition.

I’ve always felt that any program can work if it’s based on sound exercise physiological components, and I’ve tapped into a bunch of long-forgotten or mis-used concepts to get some of the program design aspects down, including the active rest and timing issues. I’ve never believed that exercise should be a passive activity, merely “going to the gym” and expecting something to happen. Exercise without a clear delineation of goals or a specific program to follow is simply working out. Training involves a high degree of goal-orientation, a specific program that maximizes time and effort, and a testability to determine outcomes. Plus, it makes you look like a completely bad-ass and hyper scientific type guy to have a plan and use big words to explain it.

Why, it works by taking advantage of the flux capacitor’s transmorphication process to de-bigulate fat cells. Seriously, you didn’t know that???

4. Once this program is over, I’ll be getting back on the deadlift bandwagon on my quest for 400. I’ve got a couple of thought processes about strength training I’m anxious to test out and see what happens. I can honestly say my back is feeling great, and I think I could get there, hopefully without incident.

5. The Hangover part 2 is coming out this summer, and to say that I’m a little excited about this is possibly an understatement.

The Future and I are heading to Las Vegas in a few weeks to re-live all of the splendor of the first movie (that, and to go to the NSCA Personal Trainers conference, and apparently there’s some good shopping that will occupy my better half and leave her head spinning for a few weeks). Next year, who knows? Maybe we’ll head to Thailand for our honeymoon, but odds are we won’t run into Bill Clinton or Mike Tyson when we’re there. Not sure who would be more fun to party with, but odds are both would try to pick up Lindsay. Nothing good would come from either option. Especially for me.

6. Today is the last day where $5 of each sale of The Ultimate Cancer Survivor’s Guide will be donated to cancer research charities, so please check out the page and pick up a copy for yourself and for those you care about. Click HERE to check it out.

7. Tomorrow I’m going to talk about IT bands. It’s gonna be tight, y’all!! (Sorry, IT band joke).




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Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Post-Rehab Specialist, personal trainer and probably the coolest guy my mom knows, I try to impart a little knowledge with a sense of humor to keep people reading. I've always thought if it's something that can grab your attention, you're gonna remember it tomorrow!!
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One Response to And the Award for Random Posts Goes to……

  1. rahulraje says:

    The data loss through USB malfunction was a really sorry thing. Teaches me as well to take a trusted backup of all things prone to such threats.

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