My Females Warm Up With Your Max

I love my new camera. For the simple reason that it makes taking and uploading videos crazy easy. On top of that the pictures clear, there’s a mic port, and all sorts of cool things on it that make techies get a boner. On top of that, it makes it easier to show how awesome some of my clients are with their workout intensity and all-around bad-assery.

With that in mind, I have some pretty bad-ass clients. Sure, I train a lot of people with injuries and medical conditions and whatever the hell else may be holding them back, but I also have a lot of really gifted people who make the average gym-goer have to check their man card at the door. These are the people who routinely sweat, scream, groan, puke, and make crazy kinds of gains in their performance and results that the average Joe would shit a kidney trying to get.

Case in point: Diane. Also known as the hybrid. She qualified for the Boston marathon last year and has been working her tail off for the off-season to get ready to conquer the hills. Guaranteed there aren’t any other 56-year-old females in the world packing heat like Diane, and I think she gets hired out by De Beers in the off-season to cut diamonds on her biceps. No one can rock a pair of running shorts, sports bra and mesh tank top like Diane and get away with it, nor can they get the mad street cred like having an upside down Nike headband while running faster than traffic. If this workout series is any indication of what she’s gonna do in Boston, there may be another Revolution.

To top it off, there’s nothing like having someone hit a new PR in deadlifting to make you feel all giddy and energized for the rest of the day. Case in point: Erin. Just for shits and giggles, she’s training to get hella strong, and yesterday she must have eaten an extra cup of Wheaties with a smiling picture of Sidney Crosby emblazoned on the package, because holy hell she got strong!! From gassing out at 185 two weeks ago, she goes and does this!!

Erin’s about 5’10” – ish, so the fact that she pulled 50 pounds more than 2 weeks ago a loooong way up makes it even more impressive. Short people can lift heavy like it’s nothing, but us tall folk have to pull that much further to get from A to B. For this workout, it appears that Erin eats lightning and craps thunder, while most people will eat two all beef patties, cheese, lettuce, special sauce and crap out a Happy Meal. However, it wasn’t as smooth as grab the bar, pull the shit out of it, smile for the camera and wave to her adoring legions of fans. No no. There’s a blooper reel to go with this one. This was the attempt before the magic happened.

There will soon be a video of Lindsay pulling some serious weights on here too, as well as anything else I think makes me or my clients look even more bad-ass.

As an added bonus for today, I took this picture in the gym today and have a simple question to ask everyone out there in reader-ville:


Dude was actually repping out stiff-legged deadlifts and with a rounded spine in the hack squat with his discs grinding away like rusty hinges. I took this picture as photographic evidence of misuse of the equipment in case he says he got injured and wants to sue. I’m pretty sure any judge out there would simply say “What the hell is wrong with you?? Don’t do stupid crap like that or you’ll get hurt!!” Rest assured I had a chat with this individual and told him if I ever saw that again, I would punch a kitten in the face in his honor. And believe me, you definitely don’t want that. He agreed, and slinked away without a response. No one likes punched kittens, they’re the LAST ones to get adopted out, so he knew what the score was.

To top it off, last night I finished off Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, which turned out to be a pretty interesting book on how to make topics or products “viral,” or in the words of the author, become an epidemic.

It’s definitely worth a read, and I’m waiting to read Blink as well as What the Dog Saw in the near future. I was this close to making another Amazon purchase today, when I realised I had 4 other books in the queue waiting to be read. While this may have nothing to do with females lifting crazy amounts of weight, it’s still pretty cool.

About deansomerset

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Post-Rehab Specialist, personal trainer and probably the coolest guy my mom knows, I try to impart a little knowledge with a sense of humor to keep people reading. I've always thought if it's something that can grab your attention, you're gonna remember it tomorrow!!
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8 Responses to My Females Warm Up With Your Max

  1. R Smith says:


    I love seeing women kick ass in the gym–about as much as I HATE guys doing absolutely stupid stuff in the gym. It’s pretty appalling what you see guys doing day in and day out in the name of “exercise.”


  2. Jim says:

    Mate, that camera does awesome work. The mic has a good pickup also. Very nice, very nice indeed. Yes, I am tech jealous now.

    As to the last pic of the guy bent over, I have seen some trainers show their clients a similar thing, but it looked a bit better controlled.

  3. Mike Groth says:

    Dean –
    Tell you’re clients they’re kicking names and taking ass, because their killin it! I can’t believe how well that marathon lady dominated that workout. I’d be near the trash can calling a few dinosaurs about half way through!

    Now, based off of the knowledge I know you hold, this seemed like a pretty simplistic workout (shuttle runs, leg raises, push ups, and burpees) but I imagine you’re doing this for different reasons, mainly lactate threshold conditioning under a light load (bodyweight)? I like how you had the high reps though. I was just inquiring what your method of madness was in the exercise selection, or if you’re just trying to get her body to form some more Lactate dehydrogenase (sp?)?

    • deansomerset says:

      Mikey – glad to see you’re paying attention!! YEs, it is simple, but it’s a timed circuit where she’s trying to go through it faster and become more efficient with each round. This was the third round, and she did get progressively faster as she went. Essentially, we don’t need heavy loads at this point since she’s three weeks away from a marathon that she’s peaking for, and the movements shouldn’t be too challenging as to take away from her run training. We did heavy strength work and balance training from November through February, so we’ve moved on from that stage of training into the race prep phase. Right now she’s clocking about 50 miles a week in run volume, and will peak next week at 60, so I want to keep the stress on her body purely metabolic and not increase her DOMS by loading the hell out of her. Plus, simple means she can keep her speed up and not have to think about what she’s doing while she’s doing it, as the blood won’t be in her grey matter during the workout. She’s still a beast though, and she’s packing a ripped 8-pack at 56 years young. BOOOYAH!!!

      • Mike Groth says:

        Dean –
        I like your thought process with reduction in load but keeping metabolic stress high under sub-max loads. solid reasoning, very well backed up.

  4. Paula says:


    You forgot the part where Diane MAKES the diamonds first by squeezing the coal between her shoulder blades. That woman’s all sorts of hella crazy. Well, all the good sorts of hella crazy, I mean. Not the shaking dead weasels at random passersby hella crazy.

  5. Matias says:

    It’s awesome that you talked to the guy in danger. I’ve always thought about doing the same when I see something horrible, but I never felt welcomed enough to do so. How do you go about approaching someone and helping them?

    • deansomerset says:

      Hey Matias. I usually approach it in a very matter-of-fact way with the best interests of the person in mind. In this case, I said “Can I give you some constructive feedback about that last exercise?” Since I wasn’t criticizing him right off the batt, and he knew I was there to make sure he was working out in the safest way posisble, it was more like a coaching comment than purely “You don’t know yer shit” kinda thing. He felt good about it and changed his style, so hopefully I won’t have to bust his balls on it again.

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