Random’s in the AIIIIIIIIIIR!!

With the ice and snow melting faster than one of my Boot Camper’s bellies, I’m beginning to look forward to the day (next week) when I can start biking to work. Yep, nothing says free like a bird like riding your bike on the shoulder of a busy road, getting splashed and occasionally side-mirrored in the shoulder by neglectful motorists. Jokes on you assholes, cuz I got abz and you don’t!!! Ha ha ha!!!

With our wedding rapidly approaching, Lindsay and I (can’t call her the Future for very much longer) have been ramping up efforts to get everything done ahead of time, like this past weekend when we registered for free stuff, picked out hella cool wedding bands and almost finished off the invitations. Also, Lindsay’s got a week off next week where she’s planning to run around like a fart in a windstorm trying to get things finished up and earn her title of Superwoman. Also, my wedding band is going to be so cool, it may actually reverse global warming as we know it. Just sayin.

I don’t care how awesome you are, but you’re not truly awesome. I know, it’s kinda shocking to hear someone like me saying this, but in all seriousness, you’re not all that awesome. I say this because unless you’ve managed to backflip a Monster Truck, your awesomeness is seriously lacking.

DID YOUR BRAIN JUST MELT INSIDE YOUR SKULL AFTER SEEING THAT??? God, that makes me want to tie a gun rack to the front of a pickup truck, wear a Peterbuilt hat and chomp down on some serious beef jerky.

So I’m sure you’ve all seen those guys who load waaaaay too much weight on the bar, make a half-assed attempt at lifting it, and then come crashing back to reality. Here’s a fantastic video fo a kid doing some serious weight squats, weighing all of a buck-oh-five, and his spotter rocking the wife beater like he has any idea of how to pull the weight off his buddy if he gets stuck.

I do like the fact he was rocking a weight belt and the stingray for his single rep set of eccentric back extensions though. Pure bad-asseriness.

Why do we still insist on using business cards? I think I’ve asked for about 4 in the past year, and given out probably fewer than that, except when a client needs to remember a time and day for their next session. I think they are slowly becoming obsolete, especially with websites, Facebook, Twitter, and every other type of media available to let someone know how to get ahold of you. Speaking of which, you can start following me on Twitter now, so click the link on the right-hand side of this little post here to get your Tweet on. Go ahead. I’ll wait while you do it.




There we go!! Now we’re best friends.

If you write a blog or do any type of social media marketing, I can’t stress this enough: GET A GOOD VIDEO CAMERA!!!

After getting mine, I swear the air is cleaner, the drinks more refreshing, the steaks are juicier, and the videos are more amazing and easy to upload than ever. I spent some money, sure, but what I’m going to get out of it, and more importantly what I’m going to be able to share with everyone, is ten times more valuable than the specific dollar figure. If you’re interested, the camera I got is the Canon Vixia HFS20, and looks like this:

 If you want to get one for yourself, you can click the picture above, or just click HERE. I’m pretty sure it will change your life for the better as it has mine.

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Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Post-Rehab Specialist, personal trainer and probably the coolest guy my mom knows, I try to impart a little knowledge with a sense of humor to keep people reading. I've always thought if it's something that can grab your attention, you're gonna remember it tomorrow!!
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One Response to Random’s in the AIIIIIIIIIIR!!

  1. R Smith says:


    The monster truck video left my self-esteem woefully lacking. But after watching the “squat” video, I’m all of a sudden back at full strength–for all the stupid things I’ve done in the gym, at least THAT ain’t one of ’em.


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