I Told You I’d Do It

Today is a happy day. Why might you ask is today of all days a happy and sunshine-filled joyous day of wonderment?? Check it:

Hells yeah, I gots me a 405 deadlift baybay!!!

After shooting for this goal since roughly September, and having the occasional set back, like in December when something felt like it popped at 385, it finally happened. There’s nothing like the sense of accomplishing a goal to make you feel a bit lighter in your step, like you just got a check in the mail, or had a really, really, really good bowel movement. That kinda satisfied feeling.

So while I’d love to say that this was a perfect example of my massive manhood crushing this massive weight, I’m always aware that there’s room for improvement. That being said, I’d like to invite anyone out there with some serious critical analysis skills to breakdown the lift and let me know if there are ways I can improve it. I have my theories, but I want to get more than one head to bang this one around. I have a new goal of shooting for 500 within the next year. Why? Why not? What else am I doing with my life? Getting a tan? Challenging Charlie Sheen to a witty-one-liner contest? Appearing in underwear ads?


Until the wedding in August, I’m planning to keep working on dropping serious weight, and get my body fat to around 10% or so, but after that, I’m going to make a big effort to hit 500 pounds for a deadlift. It may take a few months, it may take a full year, but here’s hoping it happens eventually, cuz you know, that would be pretty awesome!!

I wanted to make sure this goal was one that I hit, and it’s pretty good timing that earlier this week I put out a few posts HERE and HERE on goal setting and making it emotional. A lot of goal setting psychology components that seriously hit the nail on the head can be found in the Daniel Pink book Drive: The Suprising Truth About what Motivates Us

After spending a lot of time in motivational psychology classes and reading lots of different books on the subject, this is probably hands down one of the most comprehensive and direct books on the subject I’ve read, so it should definitely go on your book shelf.

As a final note, I’m having some upgrades done to the site to make it more pretty and functional. Essentially WordPress told me in no uncertain terms that if I wanted to make a buck through the interwebz, then I would have to get off the WordPress.com bandwagon and jump ship to WordPress.org. While I’m sure it’s going to give me some cool new toys to play with and ways to make this site more functional, I liked the free-ness of this current site. But who knows what the new hotness will bring. Will it make you want to run outside and do a happy dance naked on your front lawn from its’ sheer fantasticness? Possibly. Will it make you want to drop-kick a puppy in the face to contain the awesomeification? Highly likely. Will it have absolutely no impact on how you live your daily life and make you want o simply slow-clap a pretty pretty picture once in a while? Most definitely. Have a great weekend everybody!!

About deansomerset

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Post-Rehab Specialist, personal trainer and probably the coolest guy my mom knows, I try to impart a little knowledge with a sense of humor to keep people reading. I've always thought if it's something that can grab your attention, you're gonna remember it tomorrow!!
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10 Responses to I Told You I’d Do It

  1. Steve says:

    Dude! Congrats on your 405# pull – that’s freakin’ awesome and I’m so happy for you. I am on the road to a 500# DL as well, hope to grab it in the next few weeks. Keep up the good fight, brother!

  2. Tristan says:

    Congrats especially after all your lumbar injuries. It looks like there is hope for me yet.

  3. Damon says:

    Great Job with the 405! Getting down to 10% is a great goal for your upcoming wedding is a great goal. There’s no greater motivation than a wedding to get leaner, actually the honeymoon is a pretty damn good motivator as well! Good luck

  4. Danny says:

    I’m noone to judge since I’m struggling with my own deadlifiting issues, since you asked, I’d say that it looked like your hips were a little low, and there seemed to be a lot of knee flexion. You also seemed to have trouble pulling right below your knees, maybe because your knees were really forward and in the way? Who knows. I usually keep my hips a little higher, so I might be biased! Still, 405 is great, ESPECIALLY with your kind of injury!!!!

  5. Donovan says:

    Congrats on the lift Mr. Somerset! 8 plates is straight up Ninja and with awesome form. Well done. After watching the video about 15 times or so (and it was hard to find something for you to work on), I personally would like you to keep you butt lower and more glute activation. I caught it at about 13 seconds in the video (right at the beginning of the lift) where your hips came up just a smidge early. I feel like if that weight was to be any heavier and you would have for sure done more of a straight leg deadlift. Based off of the video, I really think if you work on more glute and hamstring strength; your hips would stay lower, the pull would be much faster and you’d finish off with more of a powerful hip drive. Other than that, I think it was a job well done for a PR, form was excellent.

  6. R Smith says:


    I am one jealous hombre this morning. But maybe a wee-bit happy for you. What’s funny to me is, as I watched the lift clear your knees, I was thinking “LightWEIGHT, Baybee. Nothing but a peanut.” Then, I see you had written the exact same thing. Wow!

    Critique: Ahh… Maybe that you shouldn’t have bested me so quickly.


  7. Bill says:

    nice hit, Dean! And I agree on the bowel movement…

  8. Welcome to the club!……;o)

    Here are a few thoughts on my end:

    1. Take off your shoes. Seriously.

    2. Face AWAY from the mirror.

    3. As aluded to by Donovan above, I’d like to see your hips lower.

    4. Like me, you’re slow as molasses off the floor. Doing some dedicated speed work (from a deficit) might be in high order. More specifically, you’re pretty shaky in the middle – so adding in some chain work would bode in your favor as well.

    5. If I were you, I’d start adding in some lifts above 90% into your repertoire.

    Nice lift, though. Really, I think your technique ain’t too shabby. Just need to build a little more explosiveness me feels.

  9. Dale says:

    Congrats on the 405, my friend! I definitely think you’ve got a 500 in you. And after that, I see you going after Magnusson.

    I’m staring down a double-bodyweight deadlift myself.

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