Recommended Reading

I’m a huge book nerd, I’ll admit it. On any given day I’ll have about three books on the go, with a stack of others waiting to get torn in to. I like to share knowledge, too, so if I find a book that I think is truly exceptional, I’ll post it on here. Added bonus, if you decide to get the book through the links below, I get paid!! Pretty sweet, isn’t it??

Book #1:  Essentials of Strength Training & Conditioning: 3rd edition

This is the bible of strength & conditioning. It goes through everything any trainer could need to know about how to work with a client: from anatomical and physiological adaptations, to training principles, to exercise selections. Every trainer and fitness enthusiast should have a copy of this book on their shelves.

Book #2: Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes

If EST&C is the bible, this is the King James version. Sahrmann has taught me more about how intricate and how simple the body can be than anyone else in the history of mankind.

Book #3: Low Back Disorders

Stuart McGill runs the world quietly from his University of Waterloo lab. Anything and everything written about the function of the low back has come from him. Word.

Book #4: Ultimate Back Fitness & Performance

McGill’s at it again. In “Low Back Disorders” he writes more to the clinician or practitioner, where in “Ultimate Back” he writes to everyone. He definitely holds no punches, and disproves single-handedly why some common thoughts on what is good and bad for the back are complete BS.

Book #5: The No BS Guide to Marketing to the Affluent

A more appropriate title would have been “The Psychology of Buying,” as this book helps learn how to approach pretty much anyone (regardless of affluence) in a sales role. Like it or not, we are all trying to sell something to someone all the time, and the people who know what they are doing will get the farthest in life.

Book #6: Own the Room

As I started out doing some public speaking, I found out it’s much harder than it looks. This book helped to make it simple.

Book #7: Core Performance

One of the best laymen books on fitness and training I have ever read. It helped open my eyes to a whole new type of training, and I’ve never gone back.

Book #8: Drive

Understanding what motivates those who choose to press on into success versus those who give up at the first challenge can help to understand how to work with anyone, get inside their head, and make them do what you want. Power is great, isn’t it??

Book #9: The 4 Hour Work Week

With starting this website, I am beginning to realise there are countless ways to make money in your sleep and with minimal effort. This book shows a lot of those ways, plus ways to increase your free time while also increasing your productivity. A must for anyone living in this day and age. So essentially, you must get this book.

Book #10: Anatomy Trains

Written for the body worker (massage therapist) in mind, trainers have gravitated to the concepts offered as they help to understand and quantify movements in a way that has not been shown before. By adjusting some of the principles shown here, I have been able to help a lot of clients, as well as myself, to bust through injuries and get stronger than they ever thought possible.

Best On-line Resource: Body By Boyle

Imagine being able to train with a guy who single-handedly shaped the majority of what is being taught for the strength and conditioning world today? This is the next best thing. Mike Boyle has revolutionized the world of sport performance, corrective exercise, and so many facets of the fitness industry that any opportunity to learn from him is an opportunity to seize. His on-line site gives you access to countless high-resolution videos, exercise breakdowns, and program design features you won’t find anywhere else. Trainers, for the cost of one session a month, you get the biggest selection of options to help your clients get the most out of their workouts with you, and to expand your value to your clients beyond anyone else. Fitness enthusiasts, if you want to get some new exercises, ways of creating new workouts for yourself, and more information to keep you motivated and enthralled in how the intricacies of the human body can be manipulated to increase performance and health, YOU NEED THIS SITE.

Best Computer Software Programs

Primal Pictures Interactive Functional AnatomyWell worth the cost for learning or teaching anatomy,

More to come in the future. Stay tuned!!!

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