Personal Training

By combining strength training, cardiopulmonary training and flexibility training to produce the fitness goals you are after you have the greatest chance of success for hitting your goals. Each client goes through an assessment that consists of a qualitative movement analysis, cardiopulmonary stress test, and an injury history & functional strength analysis to provide the best individualized program available.

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Boot Camp

Want an amazing workout but don’t want to do personal training? Boot Camp is perfect for you!! A small to medium sized group workout that pushes your cardio and strength while engaging you with other team members in group exercises while providing a discounted cost to make it affordable for everyone. 

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Program Development

For those who are self-sufficient in the gym and want a program developed for them to follow on their own, this option lets you have 2-3 personal training sessions to give feedback on proper technique execution and progression to ensure you are getting the most out of your own training.  

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Run Training/Video Analysis

Want to run better, faster, or just get started? This is the best option for you!! A combined high-tech computerized analysis plus comprehensive scientifically based  program development means the fastest results to make you the fastest you can be. Digital video stride analysis will help you run more effciently, submaximal and maximal cardio testing will determine progress for developing a program, and detailed workouts based on your physiological variables will ensure you are working at your best. Addition of a strength training program to augment your running will ensure you can run injury-free and limit the possibilities of overtraining. This is the most comprehensive personalized run training program anywhere!!!

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Distance Training

 Don’t live in Edmonton? Don’t worry!! If you have a video camera and an internet connection, you can still get the best training possible, regardless of where you live in the world. Through a comprehensive health history and goal setting forms filled out electronically, and through video analysis to determine proper exercise technique execution, we can work together to get you the best workout possible, and help you reach your goals, regardless of place or equipment.

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Public Speaking/Educational Seminars

Want me to come teach your trainers and employees? As an international presenter, I take great pride in my ability to shar knowledge that can be both practical and provide a defined increase in revenue. Subjects can be individually tailored to meet the demands of your trainers or members, and have included topics such as:

Fitness Assessment 101

Myofascial Training for Strength, Power and Rehabilitation

Sales for Trainers who Hate Selling

Developing a Medical Referral Network

Psychology for Personal Trainers

Core Conditioning: Way Beyond the Crunch

Need a speaker for a corporate event? I’ve successfully talked in front of various organizations on how to increase their addendees health, wellness, fitness, and many other areas of health promotion from a fitness perspective. From event warm-ups to keynote addresses, I can provide what you need.

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